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Bicycles - for leisure and sports, for children and adults

A bicycle is one of the most popular two-wheeled vehicles, which is perfect for both children and adults. It is a good way to actively spend your free time, get away from your worries, and enjoy good health. What are the benefits of cycling? It is said that 206 bones and 600 muscles work when riding a bicycle. x

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There are many and various types of bicycles, they are intended for different surfaces and interests. In order for it to meet your needs and be comfortable, it is very important to know the essential differences between types of bicycles. Bicycle types are: MTB, Cross, city, ATB, folding, road, Cyclocross / Gravel, BMX, DIRT, FAT bicycle, electric, and children. MTB bicycles are probably the most popular type of bicycle. MTB is designed for riding on mountainous and uneven terrain, rough roads, dirt, gravel, sand, forest paths, and off-road. It has better passing ability, is more maneuverable, has thick, rough-tread tires, a narrower seat, and a straighter steering wheel. Mountain bicycles have a higher number of gears (from 21 to 30), which makes it easier to overcome obstacles, as well as a shock-absorbing fork (Hardtail), which provides comfort when going downhill. Of course, MTB may be without a suspension (Rigid) or have a full suspension. Mountain bicycle wheels come in sizes of 26”, 27.5”, and 29”. If you are most interested in economic bicycles, it would be cheaper to choose mountain bicycles with simpler equipment. In our range you can find mountain bicycles of MERIDA, CUBE, UNIBIKE, ROMET, KELLYS, and other manufacturers. Cross bicycles are a lighter version of the MTB bicycle. One of the biggest advantages of this type of bicycle is its versatility. With medium-width tires with a medium tread depth, they can be driven on any road surface, from asphalt to forest roads or gravel roads. A hybrid bicycle is suitable for those who want to spend their free time actively, do light exercise or use it as a means of transportation. Hybrids have a universal frame geometry, so it is possible to ride them for longer distances. Like MTBs, hybrids usually have shock-absorbing forks and are increasingly equipped with disc brakes. Cross bicycles usually come with 28” wheels, a lighter frame than an MTB bicycle and a large number of gears, which allows you to reach a higher speed when riding on a flat surface, and to utilise the power when going uphill. In our range, you can find hybrid bicycles starting from world-famous manufacturers Merida, CUBE, UNIBIKE, ROMET, Kellys, as well as hybrid bicycles from other manufacturers. City (also called classic) bicycles for women and men are designed for comfortable riding for short distances on hard road surfaces. They are very popular for their comfort and reliability. These are cheap bicycles because their equipment is simple. The women’s bicycles have a low bottom section so you don’t have to lift your leg up high, and the men’s have a tube at the top of the frame. Both men’s and women’s city bicycles have medium-width and small-tread tires, and depending on the person’s height, one can choose a bicycle with 26” or 28” wheels. City bicycles are usually equipped with various accessories: lighting kit, carrier, bell, basket, fenders, chain guard, kickstand. For a comfortable ride, city bicycles have a soft, wider saddle with springs and are usually equipped without gears or with 3 or 7 internal gears. Bikko.lt bicycle store offers city bicycles from UNIBIKE, ROMET, Azimut, and other manufacturers. ATB bicycles are comfortable and versatile, designed for both short and longer trips. Like hybrid bicycles, these bicycles can be ridden on hard road surfaces (asphalt, gravel) and forest tracks. ATB bicycles are usually equipped with shock-absorbing front forks, 28” medium-width tires with medium depth tread. They are also characterized by a large number of gears, and the package includes a carrier, front and rear lights, kickstand, mudguards, and a dynamo. We offer ATB bicycles of the following manufacturers: CUBE, MERIDA, ROMET, and UNIBIKE. Folding. It is a great choice for those who want to have a bicycle always at hand. They are convenient to transport when travelling (on a plane, in the trunk of a car). It is a great choice for those who live in a multi-storey building (we can easily carry it up the stairs) or have little space at home: due to their design, folding bicycles do not require much space, they can be conveniently stored in the balcony, in the closet or brought to the workplace. Unlike other types of bicycles, folding bicycles are designed to be folded quickly and easily. Usually comes with 20”, 24” wheels, medium width tires with medium depth tread, designed for driving on hard surfaces. Folding bicycles can be gearless, or with 3, 7, or 8 internal gears. Bikko.lt bicycle store offers folding bicycles from Romet, Azimut, Dahon, Geobicycle, and other manufacturers. Road (road, racing) bicycles are more intended for athletes (often professionals) to participate in races or fast and longer rides on asphalt (road, bicycle paths). They are characterized by low weight, very narrow 28” tires without tread, curved handlebars, and are often made of carbon, which greatly reduces the weight of the bicycle. The equipment of these bicycles and the aerodynamic seat allow you to reach high speed while riding on the highway. Due to its characteristics, this “roady” is not intended for daily rides. We offer Cube, Merida, Unibicycle, and Romet road bicycles. Cyclocross/Gravel bicycles are similar in appearance to road bicycles. The main difference from a road bicycle is their wheels. Cyclocross is designed for various road conditions: off-road, forest roads, gravel, poor wet roads, etc. Because of this, the Cyclocross has wider, off-road tires with deeper tread and a slightly wider frame fork. The essential difference between Cyclocross and Gravel bicycles is riding comfort. Cyclocross is more of a sport bicycle designed for competition, while Gravel is a touring, recreational bicycle designed for various rides. Gravel bicycles are also more suitable for mounting a variety of equipment required for long trips. We offer Cube, Merida, and Romet Cyclocross / Gravel bicycles. BMX bicycles are designed to perform various acrobatic tricks at specially adapted sites and in the city (using ramps, bridges, etc.). BMX has a specific look: low geometry and a low saddle, front fork without the suspension, footpegs, high and reinforced handlebars, frame, and rims. BMX bicycles come with fat 20” tires that absorb the shock of jumping over obstacles. BMX bicycle manufacturer that we suggest is Diamondback. Dirt is a sub-type of BMX bicycles. They also have lower frame geometry, a low seat, fat tires with reinforced rims to soften landing impact, but have no rear shock absorber. Fat Bicycles (also called high mobility) are designed for riding in snow, mud, sand, as well as on sticky tracks or off-road. The unique component of these bicycles is the non-standard, extra-wide 26” tires that increase mobility, grip, and shock absorption on any terrain. Thick tires prevent this bicycle from sliding on wet roads, and absorb bumps for greater comfort. We offer fat bicycles from CUBE. Electric (bicycles, electrically powered) are a great alternative to a regular bicycle, car, or public transport. This bicycle can be ridden long and short distances, both with the help of the battery and by pedalling on your own like a regular bicycle. It can be a good choice for elderly people or people suffering from joint pain who want to reduce the load on their legs. The battery of e-bicycle usually lasts for 100 kilometers or more, and is also perfect for weekend rides in the city, park, countryside, or other areas. It is a great choice for those who want to feel the pleasure of cycling without much effort. Children’s bicycles are designed for the youngest cyclists. Bicycles for girls and boys are selected according to the age and height of the child. Since it can be too difficult for the smallest cyclists to pedal on their first bicycle, it is recommended to choose balance bicycles at first. Later, depending on the height, you can choose bicycle with 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, or 24” inch wheels. Bicycles with smaller wheel sizes are often equipped with support wheels and/or a support handle to make it easier for you to learn to control the bicycle yourself. Children’s bicycles are colorful and have various accessories to make cycling fun and exciting. We offer a wide selection of children’s bicycles from Cube, Merida, Romet, Unibicycle, Monteria, Mexller, and other manufacturers. Bicycle maintenance. What is important to know? When you own a bicycle, it is very important to maintain it properly. Maintained bicycles rust less and need to be replaced less often. The most important aspects of bicycle maintenance are cleanliness, storage, and lubrication of the bicycle. When it comes to keeping it clean, you should wet wipe your bicycle every time in order to prevent dirt build-up. If the dirt is difficult to remove, a cleaning brush can be used. When not in use, it is best to store the bicycle covered, in a closed and dry place. If your vehicle is stored in a humid environment for a long time (e.g. in autumn or winter on the balcony), rust may appear on it. Since rust occurs when it is stationary, turning the wheels and chain every few weeks can help to reduce rusting. Lubrication is also very important for a bicycle, and it is especially needed during cold and wet seasons (autumn, winter, and spring). Lubricants protect bicycles from rust and corrosion, and they are recommended for lubricating the chain, chain ring blocks, brakes, and pedal mechanisms. If bicycles were not ridden during the cold season, it is recommended to carry out bicycle prophylactics as the season approaches. It is carried out at the following addresses: Bikko.lt bicycles in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21, Bikko.lt bicycles (Klaipėda) - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, Bikko.lt bicycles in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37. Why should you choose the bicycle store Bikko.lt? It is worth buying bicycles, their parts, or accessories at the Bikko.lt store. Bicycles online at lower prices: we can offer attractive prices, a wide range of products, fast and convenient delivery, flexible payment methods, and a minimum 2-year warranty. In the Bikko.lt store, everyone can choose a bicycle that meets their needs, starting with the smallest children’s bicycles, ending with high-end bicycles for professional riding. If you are interested in any type of bicycle at a lower price, the online store also offers the opportunity to negotiate the price for bicycles to which special offers do not apply. Bicycles online - cheaper, faster, and more convenient! In addition to the online store, we also have physical bicycle stores in Vilnius and Klaipėda, and a bicycle store-warehouse in Šiauliai, where you can check out our range of products and buy what you need. Store addresses: Bikko.lt bicycles in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21, Bikko.lt bicycles (Klaipėda) - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, Bikko.lt bicycles in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37. If you are interested in the bicycles offered by Bikko.lt online, but you can’t decide or do not know what type of bicycle and what size of the frame would suit you best, contact the consultants of the Bikko.lt online store. You can contact us by phone +370 684 18384 and e-mail at [email protected].

Cycling strengthens the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and calves, improves lung function, digestion and sleep, trains endurance and coordination, and reduces stress. Among other things, this sport protects against osteochondrosis, Parkinson’s disease, joint diseases, has a positive effect on the heart and vascular system, and brain activity. In addition, it is a great way to get rid of excess weight or unnecessary kilograms. And there are other countless health benefits! Cycling is beneficial not only for health, but also for nature. It is an ecological and economical vehicle - it does not pollute the air, has low operating costs, there is no need to stand in traffic jams, and no problems with parking.