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Kids scooters

Kick scooters

A kick scooter is a modern and compact vehicle that allows you to have fun rolling through the streets while avoiding traffic jams. Currently, kick scooters are popular not only among children, but among adults as well, because they allow you to reach the desired point comfortably, are comfortable, light, and durable. We can offer a wide selection of kick scooters for children and adults, and you will also find in our catalog stunt kick scooters, tricycle kick scooters, kick scooters with larger and smaller wheels, kick scooters with BMX handlebar, etc. Kick scooter manufacturers that we offer: Kidz Motion, Shulz, Puky.

Children’s kick scooters
Children’s kick scooters are a great means of transport, suitable for children from the age of 2 years. For smaller children aged between 2 and 4 years, it is recommended to choose three-wheeled kick scooters (a pair of wheels in the front and a third wheel in the back). These are much more stable, easier to control, and better balanced. With two wheels, they are most suitable for slightly taller children, 4-8 years old. Older children have already learned to maintain balance, and kick scooters are more maneuverable and faster.

How to choose a children’s kick scooter? Perhaps the most important criterion is the child’s height. Parents often make a big mistake when choosing kick scooters according to their child’s age. Every child grows differently, so not every two- or three-year-old will feel comfortable on the same kick scooter. Measure your child’s height and choose a kick scooter based on it. Let the child choose the color he or she wants (and pay attention to the kick scooter’s package). After choosing the desired color, the little scooterist is likely to have much more fun riding the kick scooter and enjoy his new two-wheeled friend! In our range of products you can find children’s kick scooters in various colors. The most popular of them are: blue, black, green, orange, pink, red, as well as kick scooters with colored rims (they can be found in the Puky kick scooter range).

Stunt kick scooters are another type of kick scooter popular among little ones. Stunt kick scooters are designed for extreme riding, performing various tricks on ramps or other spots. The stunt kick scooter is especially suitable for active, nimble children who like active leisure. Such a kick scooter improves reaction, general physical abilities, and dexterity. They have small wheels (usually about 10 mm in diameter), are relatively light in weight, have a T or Y-shaped handlebar, and a high-quality and strong body, often made of aluminum. It is important to mention that stunt kick scooters are also suitable for normal riding.

In our product range you will find Kidz Motion, Shulz, and German Puky kick scooters of various sizes, types, and colors. Puky is a popular choice for children. Strong, high-quality and safe Puky are made to last for years. Every PUKY kick scooter meets the highest safety requirements, including European Union safety standards.

Kick scooters for adults
The main difference between a kick scooter for children and a kick scooter for adults is its size and maximum permissible weight. Most adult kick scooters are suitable for up to 100kg, although our product range at this time also has a larger one that supports up to 180kg.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing kick scooters for adults?
- When choosing a kick scooter for an adult, it is very important to find out the purpose that you will use it for. Do you plan to ride your kick scooter to work every day? Or maybe it will be a tool for more active leisure time? If you plan to cover longer distances with the kick scooter, it is worth considering the possibility of purchasing an electric kick scooter as well.

- Also, when choosing a kick scooter, it is important to find out where you intend to ride it, because the size of the kick scooter’s wheels also depends on it. The larger the wheels, the more they absorb surface irregularities, potholes, etc. Consider whether it will be a smooth road surface, an asphalt? Maybe you will have to drive on uneven tiles, cobbled pavement, or maybe on unpaved surface? If you intend to ride distances longer than 1-2 km, choose kick scooters with larger wheels. If you will drive short distances and you are thinking of transporting the kick scooter by public transport, carrying it up the stairs or in the store, in this case, a more practical and convenient option is smaller kick scooter wheels.

- Another important criterion to pay attention to when choosing this vehicle is the folding mechanism of the kick scooter. Does the kick scooter fold easily? Will there be problems in transporting and storing it?

- Another important criterion is wheel bearings. Although they do not have a significant impact on driving speed and comfort, wheel bearings do affect rolling. Bearing levels are identified by the ABEC code. The higher the ABEC number, the lower the resistance of the bearings to external influences and the slower the wear of the bearings. For example, ABEC-9 will be higher quality bearings than ABEC-5.

- What are kick scooter wheels made of? The wheels of many kick scooters are made of polyurethane, but now you can find kick scooters that have inflatable wheels.

After answering these basic questions, we have no doubt that you will correctly decide which type and configuration of this two-wheeled vehicle would suit your needs the best.

Aluminum and steel kick scooter. Which one to choose?
When choosing a kick scooter, the question often arises - should you choose a kick scooter with a steel or aluminum frame? There is no single opinion. Steel ones are a little heavier, but cheaper, and aluminum frame kick scooters are more expensive, but somewhat more durable, lighter, resistant to rust, corrosion, and other external factors. It all depends on the needs of the buyer and the amount allocated for the purchase.

What is the price of the kick scooters?
The price of both children’s and adult kick scooters depends on the equipment, purpose and other criteria of this vehicle. The price of children’s kick scooters at Bikko.lt stores ranges from 44 EUR, for adults - from 109 EUR. Bikko.lt online store also offers the possibility to purchase kick scooters in installments, through leasing - in this case, you will be able to pay for the purchased kick scooter in installments at a convenient time for you. Of course, Bikko.lt stores also often organize special offers and discounts for kick scooters, so you can buy the kick scooter you want cheaper during these ocasions.

Where to buy kick scooters for children and adults?
You can buy the kick scooters we offer at physical Bikko.lt stores and online.
- Kick scooters in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21.
- Kick scooters in Klaipėda - Galinio Pylimo g. 28.
- Kick scooters in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37 (store-warehouse).
- Kick scooters online - www.bikko.lt.

We offer a 2-year factory warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, including kick scooters. We can deliver purchased kick scooters by courier directly to your home or work in all cities of Lithuania. We deliver kick scooters in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Marijampolė, Tauragė, Kėdainiai, Jurbarkas, Alytus, Kretinga, Mažeikiai, Gargždai, Telšiai, Utena, Zarasai, Kupiškis, Kuršėnai, Kelmė, Anykščiai, Biržai, Birštonas, Ignalina, Trakai, Visaginas, Rokiškis, Šalčininkai, Širvintos, Kalvarija, Rietavas, Kretinga, Šilutė, Ukmergė, Joniškis, Plungė, Skuodas, Elektrėnai, Jonava, Molėtai, Lazdijai, Kaišiadorys, Pasvalys, Vilkaviškis, Prienai, Naujoji Akmenė, Švenčionėliai and their districts, as well as other cities and towns. The courier service usually delivers the items within 1 working day of dispatch, and before delivering the items, they contact the recipient and coordinate the most suitable delivery time. In addition to courier delivery, you can also pick up the ordered kick scooter at Bikko.lt stores in Vilnius (Šeimyniškių g. 21), in Klaipėda (Galinio Pylimo g. 28), or in Šiauliai (Kreivoji g. 37, store-warehouse). If you do not know which kick scooter would be suitable for you or your child, contact Bikko.lt consultants who will help you choose the most suitable option. You can contact by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +370 684 18384.

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