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Front derailleurs

The front gear derailleur is usually used less often than the rear one, it does not have wheels, so it is changed probably the least often. When choosing this part, it is important to consider how many gears the bicycle has, and what type of mounting it has - direct or conventional. If you are changing to a different type of derailleur than you had, the capacity of the derailleur is also relevant - if the capacity is too large, the gears will not work properly. The capacity is usually determined by the maximum number of teeth of the front chainring and the number of gears in the rear. Shimano’s capacity is usually indicated in the specifications. As technology advances, front derailleurs become stronger, lighter, and provide smoother shifting. For example, in higher-end systems, electronic derailleurs are becoming more and more popular, the most widely known being Shimano Di2 technology.

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