Privacy policy


1.1. We respect the rights of our Customers and other data subjects to their private information and we process their personal data lawfully and fairly to justify their trust.  –

1.2. The controller of personal data is BIKKO.bike - UAB “JW Trade”, company code 302709067, Radviliškio g. 49, LT-76371, Šiauliai, Lithuania. Phone +370 664 41808, e-mail: [email protected], hereinafter – the Company.

1.3. We collect only the Customer data necessary for carrying out the Company’s activities and/or visiting, using, browsing the Company’s website BIKKO.bike (hereinafter – the Website), the company’s Facebook and other social network accounts, websites, etc. We ensure that the collected and processed Customer data will be secure and only for a specific purpose.

1.4. By submitting your personal data to us, you agree to the rules of this Privacy Policy, understand its provisions and agree to comply with it.

1.5. The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform Customers about the Company’s protection of the Customers’ privacy, to explain how the Company protects the Customers’ personal data and to help the Customers to understand their rights and how their personal data is processed.


2.1. Customer – any natural person, data subject who orders, purchases, uses, has used or has expressed a desire to use the Company’s services, visits the Company’s website, sales points, or is in some other way related to the services provided by the Company.

2.2. Personal data – any information directly or indirectly related to the Customer, whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly determined using the relevant data. Processing of Personal Data is any operation performed with Personal Data (including collection, recording, storage, editing, modification, granting of access, submission of requests, transmission, archiving, etc.).


3.1. The Company processes personal data in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter – the Regulation), the Finnish Personal Data Legal Protection Act and other legal acts regulating the processing of personal data.

3.2. The scope of processed personal data depends on the Company’s services/goods ordered, purchased or used and what information the person provides as a visitor to the Company’s website when ordering, purchasing and/or using the Company’s services, visiting or registering on the Company’s website.


4.1. The Customer provides personal data by contacting the Company as an individual, registering for services, using the Company’s services, purchasing goods, participating in a loyalty program, lotteries or contests, surveys or research, leaving comments, asking questions, subscribing to newsletters and/or using the services provided by the Company, applying to Company on request to provide consultation.

4.2. Personal data is also obtained when the Customer visits the Company’s website at www.bikko.bike and the Company’s accounts specified in Clause 7. The Company uses cookies on the website. Cookies are files that store information on the hard drive of the Customer’s computer or in the search program. In this way, the Company can determine whether the Customer has visited the Company’s website before. The company uses cookies in order to ensure the most convenient viewing of the website for the Customer. You can learn more about the cookies we use here.

4.3. Personal data is obtained on the basis of the Customer’s consent. After the Customer places an order to purchase product(s) on the website or (and) registers in the BIKKO.bike Store, it is considered that the Customer: a) agreed to provide his/her personal data; b) agreed with the Buy-Sell Rules and the personal data protection policy specified therein; c) does not object to the Seller processing the Customer’s personal data for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. In cases where the Customer has expressed a wish to receive information or express an opinion about specific products and/or services, personal data may be processed in order to ensure the provision of the information required by the Customer. For the purposes of Customer opinion polls, market research and statistical data collection, games and promotions for Customers, after receiving the Customer’s consent or in pursuit of a legitimate interest in improving the quality of the Company’s services/goods, the experience of Customers as service recipients and creating new products and services. The Customer has the right to withdraw the consent given to the Company at any time (“Right to be forgotten”). The consent is valid until its execution or, respectively, until its cancellation, if this happens sooner. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing which is based on the corresponding consent given before the withdrawal.


5.1. The Seller receives personal data directly from the Customer (after he/she has registered in the Customer account of the website, after initiating the Purchase-Sale Agreement). The Customer must provide correct personal data during registration and/or purchase. The Seller does not process personal data obtained in other ways. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the data provided in the registration form and/or during the order. If the data provided in the Customer’s registration form changes, he/she must update them immediately. In no case will the Seller be responsible for damage caused to the Customer and/or third parties due to the Customer specifying incorrect and/or incomplete personal data or not changing or supplementing the data after they have changed. By submitting personal data to the Company, the Customer agrees that the Company will use the collected data to fulfill its obligations to the Customer and provide the services the Customer expects. The Company needs the Customer’s personal data for the following purposes:

5.1.1. Conclusion and execution of the company’s provided and received services, purchase and sale contracts with the data subject; saving contacts, ensuring the possibility to contact them; tax accounting and payment control.

5.1.2. For direct marketing purposes. By ticking “I want to receive the best BIKKO.bike offers and be the first to know the news” in the box on the registration form, the Customer indicates that he/she agrees to receive information and promotional materials about services and goods from the Seller via the Customer’s e-mail specified in the registration form. The following data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing: name, surname, e-mail address.    In order to identify the products that the Customer likes and are relevant to him/her, so that the Company can provide personalized and relevant offers to the Customer, the Customer’s personal data is also processed by means of automated analysis. This method ensures that the Customer is offered products that are relevant to him/her and that only those offers are presented that are or may be interesting to the Customer. Automated analysis tools are based on the Customer’s browsing history on the BIKKO.bike website and other information provided by the Customer. The following data may also be processed for the purpose of direct marketing: Customer’s username, profile picture, gender, connections and any other information that the Customer agrees to share when using third-party websites (for example, when the Customer clicks “Like” on Facebook).

5.1.3. For the purpose of e-commerce. After registering, but not yet placing an order, the following data is processed: first name, last name, e-mail address. mail, phone number, address (when the Customer specifies the address in the goods delivery form), IP address, Customer identifier (which the system assigns to the Customer). These data are processed so that the Customer can log in to his/her account or in other purchases, avoiding repeated data entry. When ordering by e-mail the following data is processed in the store: first name, last name, e-mail mail, phone, address (when the Customer specifies the address in the goods delivery form), payment information (i.e. bank account or payment card account details), Customer order identifier (which the system assigns to the Customer). These personal data are stored and processed until the order is fully fulfilled. The data is then transferred to a passive database. When placing an order in our physical stores, the following data may be processed in some cases: name, surname, phone number. These data are processed in the following situations: when fulfilling the Customer’s orders; for contacting the Customer if BIKKO.bike employees have any questions; in order to solve problems related to the presentation or delivery of goods; for other purposes related to the provision of services. Personal data that is collected and processed when the Customer purchases goods in installments: name, surname, phone number, e-mail postal address, delivery address of the purchased goods (if the goods are delivered to the specified address), number of the lease agreement. When entering into a leasing contract in one of BIKKO.bike’s physical stores, the following Customer data is collected and processed: name, surname, personal identification number, personal document number, copy of identity document, information on employment status, average income received in the last 4 months, email address, delivery address of the purchased goods (if the goods are delivered to the specified address), phone number. After shopping in the BIKKO.bike online store, the following data are also collected and processed for the Customer’s convenience: purchase history, feedback on the products purchased by the Customer, payment history, communication history between the Customer and the Company (electronic correspondence). When making a request by e-mail through the store’s “Contact form”, “Ask about the product” and “Negotiate the price” forms, the following Customer data is processed: name, phone number, e-mail, item of interest. When submitting a “Live Help” request (Tawk.to’s real-time chat plugin), the following data is processed: email mail, phone number, name, real-time communication history, visit time, real-time browsing history, browsing and conversation duration, country, city, number of previous conversations, IP, operating system used by the Customer, browser used by the Customer.   When the Customer shops in the electronic or physical store of BIKKO.bike and purchases certain goods, they are provided with warranty service. For this purpose, when the Customer applies to the BIKKO.bike warranty service department, the following personal data of the Customer are collected and processed: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address (if it was requested that the goods be delivered to the specified address), order information. It is possible to specify another person who will collect the goods purchased by the Customer, if such a person has given his/her consent. By providing the Company with the information of third parties collecting the goods, the Customer confirms that he/she has the consent of such persons regarding the transfer, use and processing of their personal data.

5.1.4.  The company may use data not directly related to the Customer’s person for statistical purposes. Such statistical data will be collected and processed in such a way as to prevent the disclosure of the Customer’s personal identity or other personally identifiable data.

5.1.5. Protection of the company, Customers’ property and employees (video surveillance). In its legitimate interests, the Company seeks to ensure the safety of its assets, information, employees and third parties, to prevent, control and reveal illegal acts and to ensure effective investigation of such cases. The Customer is not obliged to provide personal data and the Company does not seek to establish the Customer’s personal identity, if it is not necessary to achieve the intended goals. However, due to the nature of surveillance by video cameras, the Company cannot guarantee that it will be able to perform its tasks or receive its services without the Customer being in the surveillance field of the video cameras. Video camera recordings will be stored for no longer than 4 months, unless the recording contains information that will be required as evidence in a civil, administrative or criminal case or necessary for an investigation, in which case, the video recordings may be stored for the period necessary for these purposes and destroyed immediately as soon as they are no longer needed.

5.1.6. For other purposes for which the Company has the right to process the Customer’s personal data, when the Customer has expressed his/her consent, when the data needs to be processed due to the legitimate interest of the Company or when the Company is required to process the data by relevant legal acts.


6.1. The Company undertakes to observe the duty of confidentiality in relation to the personal data of the Customers. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties only if it is necessary to conclude and execute a contract for the benefit of the data subject, or for other legitimate reasons.

6.2. For the proper execution of the order, the following data is transferred to third parties:

 6.2.1 For companies providing courier services that deliver goods to the Customer at the addresses specified by the Customer;

 6.2.2. For companies providing financial services with whom the Customer enters into contracts for the purchase of goods in installments (if the contract is signed in BIKKO.bike physical stores);

 6.2.3 For companies providing marketing and marketing services.

6.3. The Company may provide personal data to its data processors who provide services to the Company and process personal data on behalf of the Company. Data processors have the right to process personal data only in accordance with the Company’s instructions and only to the extent that it is necessary in order to properly fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract. The Company uses only those data processors who sufficiently ensure that appropriate technical and organizational measures will be implemented in such a way that the data processing meets the requirements of the Regulation and ensures the protection of the data subject’s rights.

6.4. The Company may also provide Customer data in response to court or state authority requests to the extent necessary to properly comply with applicable legislation and state authority orders.


7.1. BIKKO.bike accounts are links on certain web pages that may contain the same information as the Website, as BIKKO.bike is the manager of both the website and the accounts. Users of website accounts are subject to the Privacy Policy and rules of the website where the BIKKO.bike account is located, as well as this Privacy Policy and other rules applicable to BIKKO.bike published on the website.

7.2. BIKKO.bike has accounts on the following websites:

7.2.1. BIKKO.bike bicycles (fan page; social network Facebook);

7.2.2. BIKKO.bike also has other direct/additional brand accounts on the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, etc. These social networks are subject to the privacy policies of said social networks.


8.1. The personal data collected by the company are stored in printed documents and/or e-mail in the Company’s information systems in the electronic format. Personal data is processed no longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes of data processing or no longer than is required by the data subjects and/or provided for by legal acts.

8.2. Although the Customer can terminate the contract and refuse the Company’s services, the Company must continue to store the Customer’s personal data due to possible future requirements or legal claims until the data storage terms expire.


9.1. The Customer has the right to:

9.1.1. Apply to the Company with a request to provide information on whether the Company processes his/her personal data and, if so, to get acquainted with the processed personal data;

9.1.2. Apply to the Company with a request to correct his/her personal data, and/or stop the processing of such personal data, with the exception of storage – in the event that upon familiarization with the personal data, it is determined that the data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. Each Customer who is logged in to their account can access, check, change or delete their data. Requests for access, data corrections and inaccuracies can be sent by e-mail to [email protected]. Please clearly state your full name and username in the application.

9.1.3. Apply to the Company with a request to delete his/her personal data, which are processed only with his/her consent, if the Customer withdraws the corresponding consent (“Right to be forgotten”). This right does not apply if the personal data, which is requested to be deleted, is also processed on another legal basis, such as the processing is necessary for the execution of the contract or is the fulfillment of an obligation according to the applicable legal acts;  

9.1.4. Limit the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, for example, for the period during which the Company will assess whether the Customer has the right to request that his/her personal data be deleted;

9.1.5. Receive personal data provided by him/her, which are processed on the basis of his/her consent or the performance of a contract, in writing or in a commonly used electronic form and, if possible, transfer such data to another service provider (data portability);

9.1.6. Object to the processing of his/her personal data if the basis for the processing of personal data is legitimate interests, including profiling for direct marketing purposes (e.g. receiving marketing offers or participating in surveys);

9.1.7. Withdraw his/her consent (“Right to be forgotten”) regarding the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing at any time after logging in to his/her account, by sending a letter to the contacts or address specified by the Company;

9.1.8. Object to being subject to fully automated decision-making, including profiling, if such decision-making has legal consequences or similar significant impact on the Customer. This right does not apply in the event that such decision-making is necessary for the purposes of concluding or executing a contract with the Customer, is permitted by applicable legislation, or the Customer has given his/her express consent to this;

9.1.9. Apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate if the issue cannot be resolved with the Company.

9.2. The Customer, in order to exercise his/her rights, can apply to the Company:

9.2.1. When submitting a written request in person, by post, through a representative or by means of electronic communication – by e-mail: [email protected];

9.2.2. Orally – by phone +370 664 41808

9.2.3. In writing – at the address Radviliškio g. 49, LT-76371, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

9.3. The Company handles Customer requests regarding data subject rights free of charge. The request for examination may be refused or an appropriate fee may be charged for it, if the request is clearly unfounded or excessive, as well as in other cases established by normative acts.


10.1 To inform the Company about changes in the provided information and data. It is important for the Company to have correct and valid Customer information;

10.2. To provide the necessary information so that, at the request of the Customer, the Company can identify the Customer and make sure that it is really communicating or cooperating with a specific Customer (provide a document confirming the identity of the person or in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts or electronic means of communication that would allow the proper identification of the Customer). This is necessary for the protection of the data of the Customer and other persons, so that the disclosed information about the Customer is provided only to the Customer, without infringing the rights of other persons.


11.1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the services provided/goods sold by the Company. During the development and improvement of the Company’s activities, the Company has the right to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy at any time.

11.2. This Privacy Policy also applies to the Company’s targeted content, including online offers and advertising of products and services, which the Customer may see on third-party websites, platforms and apps while browsing the Internet. Please note that these Third Party websites may have their own separate privacy policies and terms.

11.3. Other websites linked from this website may have different terms of use, privacy policies, personal data processing and other provisions than the website. The company is not responsible for the rules, privacy policies, personal data processing and other regulations applicable on Third Party websites.

11.4. All disagreements regarding the implementation of these rules are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of FINLAND.


If you have any questions about personal data processing, wishes or comments, please contact us: UAB “JW Trade”, company code 302709067, Radviliškio g. 49, LT-76371, Šiauliai, Lithuania. Phone +370 664 41808, e-mail: [email protected]

The privacy policy of BIKKO.bike was last updated on 21-05-2018.