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Front hubs

The front bushing/hub is the heart of the rear wheel on which it rotates. When choosing a front bushing, it is important to know how many spokes there are and what type of brakes you use. In exceptional cases, you also need to know the length of the axis. It is usually classified into bushings of various levels for road, mountain, and ATB bicycles. There are also specialized front bushings - dynamos. Usually wheels with Shimano bushings are secured to the fork with quick-release nuts without any tools. As technology advances, front bushings become stronger, lighter, and provide smoother riding. Recently, through-hole E-Thru bushings, which are stronger than conventional ones, are also becoming more and more popular. One of the more popular and commonly used front bushings is Shimano. This manufacturer is chosen for quality, availability of parts, and extremely wide range of products.

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