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Cycling helmets

Bicycle helmets are a must for children under the age of 18 and a strongly recommended safety measure for adults. There are many different models of helmets - both for road or triathlon, for leisure or touring, and for mountain or downhill cyclists. As technology improves, bicycle helmets become lighter and stronger. Currently, manufacturers are making ONESIZE universal size helmets, so in most cases there is no need to doubt the size of the helmet. When choosing a helmet, it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of a bicycle helmet - number of ventilation holes, whether there is a mesh or visor, how the size is adjusted, whether it has MIPS. We can currently offer a wide range of helmets from Bell, Giro, Uvex, Cube, Puky, and B-Skin.

Where can you purchase bicycle helmets?
Helmets for cyclists can be purchased at Bikko.lt stores, which you can find at the following addresses: Vilnius (Šeimyniškių g. 21), Klaipėda (Galinio Pylimo g. 28), Šiauliai (Kreivoji g. 37, store-warehouse), and online - www.bikko.lt. Before buying a helmet, it is very important to measure the circumference of your head and choose the helmet of proper size. If you don’t know or can’t decide which helmet would best suit your needs, contact Bikko.lt consultants who will help you make the most suitable decision. You can contact by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone +370 684 18384.

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