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Bicycle tubes

Bicycle inner tubes support the tire and, together with the rim band, separate it from the rim. The pressure in the inner tube should be as indicated on the side of the tire. For mountain bicycles, it is usually about 2-3 atmospheres, for city and hybrid bicycles - about 2-4 atmospheres, and for road bicycles - about 8-10 atmospheres. The more inflated the inner tube is on the bicycle, the harder the tire will be and any bumps will be felt more clearly, but at the same time the possibility to puncture the tire is lower. It is important that the inner tube is chosen for a certain tire size and valve type. We offer Schwalbe, Continental, and Gekon inner tubes. Also OKO self-adhesive inner tubes with a special liquid/sealant already inside them.

Most popular inner tube sizes:
- 26 inch bicycle inner chamber;
- 27.5 inch bicycle inner chamber;
- 28 inch bicycle inner chamber;
- 29 inch bicycle inner chamber.

Where can you buy bicycle inner chambers?
You can buy bicycle inner chambers of the required size at Bikko.lt bicycle stores, which you can find at the following addresses: Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21, Klaipėda - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37 (store-warehouse), and online - www.bikko.lt. Before buying an inner tube, it is very important to know the dimensions of the tire or inner tube and the type of valve. If you don’t know or can’t decide which bicycle inner tube would suit you best, we kindly invite you to contact Bikko.lt consultants who will help you make the most suitable decision. You can contact by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone +370 684 18384.

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