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Kids bicycles, 12"

Children’s bicycles for ages between 1.5 and 4 years, 12 inches
These are bicycles are for the smallest, designed for ages from 1.5 to 4 years and are suitable for heights between 70 and 90 cm. Children’s bicycles from 1 year of age are equipped with 12” tires and they can be either pedalled or balance. Small, strong, and wide design frames, thick tires for asphalt and hard surfaces. These children’s bicycles are usually equipped with support wheels that will help the child maintain balance. Children’s bicycles (12 inches) have a height-adjustable saddle, a comfortable curved handlebar and two braking systems: reverse pedalling and front handbrake.

Where to buy 12” children’s bicycles?
You can buy children’s 12-inch bicycles in our stores in Vilnius, address Šeimyniškių g. 21, in Klaipėda - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37 (store-warehouse), and online - www.bikko.lt. When choosing a bicycle, it is important to pay attention so that the children’s bicycle is suitable for the small cyclist in terms of height. If you don’t know which children’s bicycle would be the most suitable, email Bikko.lt consultants at [email protected], call +370 684 18384, or visit one of our stores.

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