In order to save your valuable time, we have presented the most frequently asked questions by buyers and the answers to them.

1.    How to choose a frame size? What is the size of the bicycle frame?

The size of the bicycle frame determines the size of the bicycle itself, according to which it is possible to assess whether the chosen model meets the individual needs of the customer. In order to determine the correct frame size, it is usually sufficient to know the height of the cyclist.

2.    How to choose a bicycle if I don’t know which one would be the most suitable?

Fill out the contact form, indicating the information: what type of terrain you intend to ride; how often you plan to use the bicycle; what is your intended budget for the bicycle; and any other requirements for the future bicycle. The same information and all other answers will be given to you by our consultants, who will advise and offer the most suitable bicycle in terms of technical characteristics and the corresponding price level.

Detailed descriptions of the different types of bicycles and their purpose can be found here, and information on how to choose the right bicycle can be found here.

3.    Is the bike ordered online delivered assembled?

A bicycle purchased in the BIKKO.lt online bicycle store is sent in the original manufacturer’s packaging (if not specified or otherwise selected during the order). Such packaging ensures maximum safety during the transportation and storage of the bicycle and helps prevent possible damage. In the original packaging, the bicycle usually comes with the front wheel removed, the pedals not screwed in, the seat and handlebars not installed, and its brake and gear shifting systems may also need to be adjusted. Before starting to use the bicycle, it is necessary to assemble and adjust it correctly, or have it done by a specialized service, who will perform the installation and adjustment service professionally and quickly (this can cost from EUR 20 to EUR 50, depending on the complexity of the bike).

As part of our commitment to take care of the convenience and comfort of our customers, we can offer you a full bicycle assembly service before delivery, which together with delivery will cost only EUR 19.90 per bicycle. The bicycle assembly and delivery service in an XL package includes: setting the wheel, seat and steering wheel, complete adjustment of the gear shifting system and brakes and its delivery to you in a large cardboard box with only the pedals unscrewed and the steering wheel turned to the side.

4.    I really like the bicycle you suggested, but the price...

BIKKO.lt aims to make every customer of the store completely satisfied with the bicycle purchased from us. Therefore, our store offers you the opportunity to negotiate the prices of bicycles from the current year’s collection or older models that are not currently displayed as promotional items. Special offers have already been applied to bicycles that are sold at a reduced price, but you can expect additional and exclusive offers for you personally.

5.    If I can’t find the item I’m interested in, could you suggest a suitable alternative?

Yes. If you do not find the item you are interested in in our online store, please contact us using the contact details provided, and we will be able to offer you alternative options.

6.    After placing the order, no order confirmation was received. What to do next?

Once an order is placed, it is added to the queue of pending orders. At that time, the availability of your chosen item can be checked, i.e. whether it is in our stock or the manufacturer’s stock. Our consultant will contact you by phone or e-mail and provide you with possible alternatives and/or delivery terms. Once item availability is confirmed, you will be sent an order confirmation email or advance invoice with further instructions.

7.   I have placed the order. How long will it take for me to receive my items?

If we have the goods in stock and the payment is received before 4 p.m., or if payment to the courier is selected, the goods are usually delivered in just 1-2 working days after the delivery of the parcel to the courier. In cases where the product needs to be ordered from the manufacturer, our consultants will inform you of the delivery date.

9.   Where can I view the goods live? Is it possible to buy on arrival?

In Finland, we only have an online store, so we can deliver the goods to you via courier or to the selected parcel locker. If you have any questions about details, fittings and accessories or do not know how to choose the right bicycle, please contact us.