A BICYCLE TRADING INDUSTRY LEADER, based on rock-solid company

BIKKO.bike – internet online shop is a bicycle, parts and accessories trading leader in Lithuania. The company behind our shop was established in around 2012 and has grown into one of the largest in the bicycle trading sector of Lithuania and Baltic states. We continue to develop both the customer service and assortment.

We have built strong and mutual bonds with both large and small - manufacturers and partners all across the globe by directly importing their production. As an exclusive representative company of most of their brands, in most cases we can offer highly competitive prices and we always provide top-notch extensive after-sale services and customer support over multiple means of communication.

WIDE RANGE, huge product variety in a huge warehouse area

BIKKO.bike offers a huge assortment with several thousands of different items and counting. And by including orderable items from manufacturer warehouses – this size grows up to 40-60,000 unique articles. The most popular ones are stored in our own storage facility in higher quantities, so we can offer very short delivery terms and satisfy the needs of multiple customers at once! Every customer - from professional to casual rider - will find what to choose in our e-shop as we offer both high-end and low-end products.

In both cases, the quality is always a top priority for us and our brands are carefully selected for this reason. We are also able to offer rare and exceptional items directly from the warehouse. This is what makes us different.

Huge quantities require plenty of storage! This is why we have a consolidated warehouse system, which makes a total of more than a ~ 10 000 m2 of the storage area. All of this is possible due to our exceptional long-term relationships with manufacturers and partners. Our warehouse uses modern complex technology solutions, so that preparing, packaging and sending of the orders is as efficient as possible, with products reaching customers in time and in good condition.

RELIABLE COMPANY, a solid team with quality expertise

Many of BIKKO.bike employees are bike enthusiasts who are passionate about cycling, meaning we can deliver expert service to our customers. Our enthusiastic, friendly and efficient internal communication makes us a strong team of experts, who can make their ideas come true, thus improving our service for the customers.

AND OUR MAIN GOAL IS… a satisfied customer

We constantly search for new and interesting products and we stay one step ahead by making improvements – small and big. Our priority is to always meet the varied demands of all our customers by offering a wide assortment at the best possible price, while making sure that every single customer has a smile on their face during the shopping process on our BIKKO.bike site and long after the receiving of their order.

Bikko e-shop is available in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland: Bikko.lt, Bikko.lv, Bikko.ee, Bikko-pyorat.fi

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Online bicycle shop Bikko.bike In case of concerns or uncertainties, please contact BIKKO.bike customer service center From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (Lithuanian Time Zone: GMT +2) Contact bikko consultants by phone +370 664 41808 Contact bikko consultants by e-mail [email protected] You can also find us on social networks: Facebook Instagram YouTube