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Hybrid bicycles (Cross)

Hybrid bicycles - what are they?

A hybrid bicycle is a lighter version of a mountain bicycle. Hybrid bicycles usually come with 28-inch wheels, medium width or wide tires with medium tread depth. These wheels drive on a hard surface better, but they will not disappoint you on forest paths as well. The frame is lighter and larger compared to a mountain bicycle frame. Most hybrid bicycles have a suspension front fork with a motion length of 50-60mm. Hybrids are increasingly equipped with disc brakes. The frame of the hybrid bicycle has dedicated mounting points, so additional travel equipment and accessories can be added without any problems. With the correct equipment, hybrid bicycles (or Cross bicycles in other words) can become more suited for touring or easy off-road exploration. A wide range of gears allows you to reach higher speed on a smooth road and show power off-road or when pedalling uphill. The main advantage of hybrid bicycles is their versatility: with the reduction of certain characteristics typical of mountain bicycles, the hybrid has a better ride quality on hard-surface roads. Perhaps this is the best choice for those who like to travel everywhere except off-road and on very bad roads.
This bicycle is perfect for those who want to go for a ride, exercise easily, and use the bicycle as a means of transportation. Of course, hybrid bicycles are perfect for going on touring trips as well by adding various accessories to the bicycle, such as lighting kit, holders, bags, etc.

Manufacturers of hybrid bicycles
One of the most popular and well-loved manufacturers of hybrid bicycles, with an exceptionally good reputation all over the world, is MERIDA. The hybrid bicycles of this manufacturer are loved by both amateur and professional cyclists not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries. During its 31 years of existence, MERIDA has become a significant player in the bicycle industry. The latest technologies for bicycles are developed and tested in the manufacturer’s research center in Germany. This way MERIDA is able to meet the growing needs of cyclists around the world by offering a product suitable for each segment. We can offer Merida hybrid bicycles for both men and women, from low end to high end bicycles. An important aspect that shows the quality of Merida bicycles is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for the bicycle frame. Another very popular and favorite bicycle manufacturer is the German company CUBE, which began its activities in 1993 in Bavaria. CUBE hybrid bicycles are characterized by quality and durability, and the bicycles themselves are equipped with bicycle parts from world-renowned manufacturers. In addition, each bicycle is tested at CUBE’s factory in Germany to ensure that it meets extremely high standards of the manufacturer. Which bicycle manufacturers are the best depends a lot on the cyclist’s own needs, riding style, distances, terrain, and other factors. From the wide range of manufacturers that we offer, everyone will find the right bicycle for themselves at a reasonable price, be it men’s or women’s hybrid bicycles. Choose from manufacturers such as MERIDA, CUBE, UNIBIKE, ROMET, and ARKUS.

Where to buy hybrid bicycles?
You can check out and purchase the hybrid bicycles that we offer at Bikko.lt stores. Hybrid bicycles (Klaipėda) - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, hybrid bicycles in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21, in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37, and at the online bicycle store bikko.lt.

If you have any questions, we kindly invite you to contact Bikko.lt consultants, who will not only help you to choose a bicycle that meets your needs, but also to choose the most suitable frame size.

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