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Brake pads

Brake pads for a bicycle are probably the most important part of the brakes. It is important that they are made of quality material. Otherwise, the brake pads of the bicycle may squeak and wear out faster. When choosing disc pads, you should consider what material they are made of - metal, semi-metal or organic (rubber compound) - and what discs they are compatible with. When choosing pads for V-Brake road or mountain bicycles and in order to reduce the possibility of squeaking, and to brake more effectively, you can choose asymmetric pads. As technology advances, bicycle brake pads become stronger and provide smoother and more efficient braking. We recommend Shimano, Jagwire, Saccon, and Prox brake pads.

Where to buy bicycle brake pads for a bicycle?
If you are interested in brake pads, you can buy them at our physical stores in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21, in Klaipėda - Galinio Pylimo g. 28, in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37 (store-warehouse), and online - www.bikko.lt. If you don’t know which brake pads are most suitable for your bicycle, our consultants can also help you out. You can contact by calling: +370 684 18384, or by e-mail at: [email protected].

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