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Transmission/Shifting system

It can be said that the drive system components are the engine of a bicycle, without which this vehicle would be completely useless. Different bicycles require different equipment depending on the type: mountain, road, children’s, BMX, single gear bicycles, or bicycles with internal gears. When choosing new parts, it is necessary to take into account their mutual compatibility - it is best when all parts are intended for a certain drive system. For example, currently there are the following - single, 3, 7, 8, 11, 6/7/8, 9 , 10, and 11 gear systems, which are not compatible with each other, except in certain cases for which it is best to consult specialists. There is also a separate drive system group for electric bicycles. SHIMANO is the most recommended manufacturer due to the quality, compatibility, and reliability of its parts. Smooth operation of all components will allow you to reach your destination.

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