In Lithuania, the bicycle is generally considered an active leisure activity than a means of transport, although there is a noticeable trend of cyclists becoming more active, more community-oriented and occupying an increasingly important place on the streets. Of course, weather conditions, road quality and cycle paths in our country are certainly not the most conducive factors when it comes to the daily use of a bicycle, but let’s explore the reasons why it is worth using this two-wheeled vehicle.

First of all, a bicycle is a vehicle that does not require a lot of investment. You can buy a good, durable and even fashionable bicycle not only in standard bicycle shops, but also in our online bicycle shop, which offers a wide selection at the best prices. Of course, it will be easier to choose a bicycle if you know for what purpose and where and how often you will use it – maybe it will be your main mode of transport when traveling to work or a tool for weekend, evening rides around the city center or the park;  or maybe it will be a “workhorse” on trips and hikes; or maybe you plan to do sports with it, participate in more and more frequent and high-quality cycling competitions? If you will ride a bicycle regularly  in the city (for example, when traveling to work), choose a semi-urban or tourist-type bicycle with narrower and rougher tires, which can handle a worse road, and will drive easily and pleasantly on asphalt. If you need a bicycle for riding in the city, but fun rides on forest and park tracks are inevitable – take a look at hybrid bicycles, which have a very versatile purpose, a more sporty frame geometry, and a tire tread adapted to various surfaces. For sports, riding mostly on forest roads or off-road, choose mountain bicycles that are suitable for active riding and have wide tires suitable for roads with poor traffic. Now they come not only in 26“ size wheels, but also in 27.5“ and 29“.

More information about the types of bicycles and their specifics can be found here


A bicycle is not only an inexpensive means of transport – unlike other modes of transport (except trying to catch a passing bus), it forces us to move, shake and strengthen the body. Just three hours a week of cycling and you already halve the risk of cardiovascular disease, so getting back on the bike at least once a week is almost a must! It’s not just a matter of the calories burned, but as hard as it is to believe, statistically comparing all vehicles, a bicycle requires an average of 25 calories per kilometer, and a car even 1500 calories. Even walking requires three times more calories than traveling by bicycle, which is why this bicycle is considered the most efficient way to travel.


Bicycles are not only chosen by people who are saving and promoting a healthy lifestyle – bicycles are also a green choice. Do you know that a driver who switches to a bicycle reduces the release of carbon monoxide into the environment by as much as five kilograms per year? And speaking of the congested city center – after all, one car can fit up to twenty bicycles. Of course, the biggest headache for bike lovers is not bad weather or impatient drivers. In Lithuania and all over the world, there are long-fingered bicycle thieves who are not afraid of any lock, so do not hesitate to choose more expensive and high-quality locks, which at least could not be broken in a few tens of seconds.

So if you still don’t own a bike, but are wondering if it’s worth investing in this form of transportation/leisure/sport, now is the perfect time. Regardless of whether it is autumn or winter, or whether the bicycle market is quiet or busy, Bikko.lt consistently has excellent and exclusive stock with probably the best offers for bicycles of various types and manufacturers. The most important thing to remember is that a bicycle is not just a means of getting from Point A to Point B – for many people it is a way of life and style, so be careful – you can become addicted!