Warranty and terms of warranty service

As a seller, we provide warranty service. Most items purchased in our store come with a minimum 2-year warranty, which is valid with proof of purchase and/or warranty passport. In individual cases, manufacturers may provide a longer or shorter warranty service period, and this will be indicated in the item descriptions and/or in the documents provided with the item.

In this case, the warranty service period and conditions provided by the manufacturer shall apply. In the event of a warranty case, the item with purchase documents must be submitted to the company UAB “JW Trade” (the owner of the BIKKO.bike store).

BIKKO.bike sells bicycles packed in the original manufacturer’s packaging, unless otherwise specified or an additional assembly/packing service has not been ordered. Only a correctly and properly packed bicycle can be safely stored and transported.  

A bicycle in its original packaging usually comes with the front wheel removed, the seat and handlebars not installed, and the pedals not screwed on. Assembling a bicycle is not a complicated process and only requires a few different size wrenches/tools and relevant knowledge, but it is recommended that you do it with skill or with the help of qualified bicycle masters.

After the first 2-4 weeks of riding the bicycle or after driving about 100 km, it is strongly recommended to carry out an inspection of the bicycle – adjust the gear shifting and braking systems, tighten and check all assemblies. With some technical ability, this can be done yourself, or any specialized bicycle shop or repair shop can perform this service for an additional fee. A bicycle is a mechanical vehicle, so this inspection is necessary to continue the safe and correct operation of the purchased bicycle and to prevent possible breakdowns and injuries in the future.

If a bicycle or other item purchased in the BIKKO.bike store breaks down, first of all, please contact us on the indicated telephone numbers and be sure to write an email to [email protected] in order to identify the cause of the failure and decide on the means and possibilities for their elimination. The costs of sending defective goods or their parts to BIKKO.bike are paid by the Buyer. After receiving a defective item and confirming that the failure was not due to mechanical damage or improper use, but due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will repair the item within the shortest possible time or replace the item with a new item of suitable quality if it is a fundamental defect of the item (the item cannot be repaired or the parts cannot be replaced). An item replaced or repaired due to a manufacturer’s defect is sent to the Buyer free of charge.