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Bicycle tires

Tires can be designed for smooth asphalt or total off-road, city, or touring. Therefore, you should choose tires according to your needs. When choosing tires, it is important to pay attention to several aspects - tire size, width, and tread pattern. And also - what bicycle will the tire be intended for - mountain, road, children’s, etc. Tire size and width are currently expressed in the standardized ETRTO labelling XX-YYY, where X is the tire width and Y is the tire size in millimeters. If you drive most of the time on a flat road, then you should choose a smoother tread pattern, and if you need mobility, choose a rougher one. We can offer a wide selection of bicycle tires in various sizes for both mountain (MTB) and hybrid, city, children’s, and other types of bicycles. Some of the most popular tire manufacturers that we offer are SCHWALBE and Continental. Popular among cyclists, high-quality Schwalbe and Continental tires will provide stability and comfort when riding on any road surface - both forest tracks, gravel, mud, and asphalt.

The dimensions of a bicycle tire are indicated on the side of the tire. Some of the most popular bicycle sizes include: 26 inch bicycle tires - for mountain bicycles (MTB), city bicycles
28 inch bicycle tires - for hybrid and city bicycles. 29 inch bicycle tires - for mountain bicycles (MTB)
In addition to regular tires, we can also offer winter bicycle tires. Winter bicycle tires are a great solution for those who want to ride a bicycle in winter on wet, softer, or more slippery road surfaces.

Where to buy bicycle tires?
You can buy the bicycle tires that we offer at Bikko.lt stores:
- Bicycle tires in Vilnius - Šeimyniškių g. 21.
- Bicycle tires (Klaipėda) - Galinio Pylimo g. 28.
- Bicycle tires in Šiauliai - Kreivoji g. 37.
- Bicycle tires online - www.bikko.lt.
If you don’t know which tires would suit you, contact Bikko.lt consultants who will help you to choose the best option for your bicycle. You can contact by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +370 684 18384.

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