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29er bicycles

29er bicycles are one of the most popular types of bicycles. Designed to be used exclusively for Cross Country (XC) or otherwise - for racing on mixed surfaces and ascending a gentle slope. However, people often ride these bicycles in the city and the countryside. It is a convenient means of transport to get to the workplace, as many mountain bicycles can be equipped with mudguards, carrier, and other accessories. Most often, these mountain bicycles have 21-30 gears, a straight handlebar, convenient gear shifting, front shock absorbers that provide a comfortable ride, as well as reduce the dynamic load on the wheels, and ensure better grip when going downhill. The wheel size gives an advantage for covering longer distances on tracks with a hard pavement or rough terrain. With the growing popularity of 29er bicycles and the adoption of new technologies, there are more and more opportunities to create more diverse and specialized models. We are glad to be able to offer CUBE bicycles, which are popular among Lithuanians. These bicycles are long-lasting and extremely durable, made only from high-quality metal alloys or carbon. Complete with parts of world famous manufacturers. The stylish and modern design of the frame is very popular among young people and teenagers. They are especially appreciated by Western European cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. For the sake of variety, we offer not only well-known world-class manufacturers such as CUBE and MERIDA, but also UNIBIKE, ROMET and ARKUS 29” bicycles that are closing on them fast.

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