Item availability statuses

After selecting the model and specific size and/or color of the item you are interested in, you will see its availability status. The availability status also indirectly informs how quickly the item can be delivered to you.

Variants of item availability statuses

1 ) “Available” – the item is in our stock. Delivery usually takes place within 24 hours (one working day) after payment or from the moment of ordering if you choose to pay by cash to the courier.

2 ) “Not available” – we currently do not have the selected item, but it may be “on the way” or in the warehouses of suppliers and manufacturers. After receiving an order for such an item, we will check its availability and inform you separately. We will also provide information on the possible delivery date of the item. If the terms and conditions of delivery of the items are acceptable to you, we will send you an order confirmation. We will send the item after receiving your payment or immediately after receiving it if the cash payment method is chosen.

Important: for security reasons, information in the store is updated periodically, so it may happen that even with the status “We have in stock”, the selected product will not be available after ordering (for example, when another customer ordered the same product a little earlier). In such cases, we will look for the most suitable solution for the customer in this situation (special price, additional gifts, etc.).