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An electric kick scooter (or e-kick scooter in other words) is a convenient and practical vehicle that has gained trust over the past years. This vehicle is extremely popular among people living in cities and has already become an alternative to cars, public transport, and sometimes even bicycles. In addition, electric kick scooters are a great alternative to a regular kick scooter, because you will reach the desired point much faster, without additional effort. Of course, you will not have to stand in the morning and evening traffic jams as well, and with a maneuverable and fast kick scooter you will be where you need to be, much faster!

What important things you should focus on when choosing an electric kick scooter?
At the moment, you can find a dozen of kick scooters of various configurations, different manufacturers, sizes, and looks in stores. How not to get lost among such an abundance and choose the right electric kick scooter that meets your needs, is comfortable and allows you to properly utilise all the opportunities it provides?

When choosing an electric kick scooter, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

- Purpose of the kick scooter. First of all, you should find out whether the electric kick scooter will be intended for an adult or a child.

- Size of the kick scooter. When choosing a kick scooter, try it out or pay attention to the manufacturer’s height recommendations. Most adult scooters are made for people ~1.80m tall. It is also important to pay attention to the platform of the kick scooter: can you comfortably stand on it? Is there enough room for the feet? It is important to know that both feet should fit on the kick scooter platform comfortably. If the platform of the kick scooter is too small, it is likely that it will not only be uncomfortable for you to ride, but unsafe as well.

- Maximum permissible weight. Most often, the recommended weight of electric kick scooters is up to 100 kg or a little more.

- Wheels of the kick scooter. Electric kick scooter wheel diameters can range from 4” to 12”. Therefore, before buying a kick scooter, consider what type of surface you intend to ride on. It will be a smooth surface (asphalt), or maybe grass or sand? If the main surface is asphalt, then a kick scooter (electric) with smaller wheels will do. If you are going to ride on various surfaces, then you should choose a kick scooter with bigger rubber wheels: the bigger the wheels, the better they absorb road irregularities.

- Maximum speed. Although the speed of the kick scooter usually depends on both the power and the weight of the person, it is important to keep in mind when choosing a kick scooter that the maximum speed of the kick scooter can be between 10 and 85 km/h. The higher the power of the kick scooter, the higher the speed that can be developed.

- Power of electric kick scooter. The power of the electric kick scooter is one of the most important factors (next to the battery capacity) that determines the speed of the kick scooter and the maximum distance that could be covered with a fully charged battery. The power of the kick scooter can vary from 100W to 5400W, and a powerful electric kick scooter can cover a significantly greater distance than a kick scooter with less power.

- Distance that can be driven with a fully charged battery. The distance that can be driven by an electric kick scooter without charging the battery is usually up to ~150 km. In order for the battery to last longer, it is recommended to drive at a speed of about 18 km/h. Before choosing a kick scooter, consider the distance you intend to cover each time.

- The weight of the kick scooter. A typical electric kick scooter is not heavy, it weighs ~10-13 kg. Electric kick scooters made of steel can be a little heavier, while those made of aluminum are a little lighter and more durable. In addition, the lighter the kick scooter, the more convenient it is to transport it when carrying it up stairs or simply moving it over various obstacles.

- The seller. When choosing a kick scooter, it is important to pay attention not only to the specifications of the electric kick scooter, but to the seller as well. Reliable companies give kick scooters at least 2 year warranty.

- Other important details. When choosing a scooter, it is also recommended to pay attention to whether:

- Kick scooters (electric) have a user friendly folding mechanism;
- The handlebar of the kick scooter is adjustable;
- The electric kick scooter has a display that shows the driving speed, distance travelled, and a battery charge level;
- The kick scooter has non-slip handlebars;
- What is the battery charging time;
- If you are going to ride not only on asphalt, pay attention to whether the electric kick scooter has a suspension.

Do road traffic rules apply to kick scooter drivers?
Of course they do! Electric kick scooters for adults are full-fledged vehicles subject to road traffic rules. Electric kick scooters with a power of up to 1 kW and not reaching 25 km/h in road traffic are subject to the same road traffic rules as bicycles.

The main ones are:

- Do not create emergency situations; Ride only in areas designated for cyclists.
- Do not ride in the middle of the carriageway;
- Do not use a mobile phone, surf the Internet, or write text messages while riding a kick scooter;
- Do not exceed the permitted speed, do not drive by passers-at high speed, and reduce your speed when approaching a pedestrian crossing;
- Do not ride drunk; Wear a helmet when riding a kick scooter;
- Be sure to wear reflectors in the dark, take care of the lighting of the electric scooter, so that not only you can see, but also you can be seen as well;
- Every electric kick scooter must have a proper brake and sound signal;
- Do not ride the scooter with one hand or with no hands at all;
- Choose a safe speed, taking into account the environmental conditions and personal driving skills.

The driver of the electric kick scooter must observe the environment and observe all safety measures and not pose a threat not only to his own safety, but also to the safety of others.

Where to buy electric kick scooters?
Interested in electric kick scooters? In our assortment, you will find a wide selection of electric kick scooters of various power, sizes, and equipment, which are perfect for both active leisure and commute to/from work or another important point. Currently, we can offer quality electric kick scooters from Shulz, which will be your perfect companion for daily trips. Shulz electric kick scooter, price only from 349 Eur!

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We will help you to choose an electric kick scooter that meets your needs!

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