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Merida Industry Co,, Ltd is a bicycle design, manufacturing, and sales company based in Taiwan. It started its activities in 1972 like a small Japanese bicycle parts shop. The founder and current director of the company is Dung-Huang Tseng. The successful operation over the first three years allowed us to start the production of BMX bikes and acquire a modern painting line. Their efforts were appreciated and they received an award - A Class Quality Control Factory. In 1980, the brand MERIDA was used for the first time. At that time, the amount of bicycles produced increased to 60,000 units per month. After 10 years, the Product Quality Office gave the company the rating “Excellent Quality Factory”, and over the next 6 years it was certified according to ISO 9002.

Currently, MERIDA is located in Yaunlin, Taiwan and has a laboratory in Magstadt, Germany. By using the modern production system 3T - Toyota Production System, Total Quality Control, Total Product Maintenance - it has become a producer of the highest quality bicycles.

Having successfully developed trade in Europe and the USA, MERIDA has become one of the largest participants in the global bicycle market in their development and production. Their bikes are sold in 67 countries around the world, with total sales of around 450,000 units. About 300,000 of their bikes are sold in China.

MERIDA has its own team of athletes, the Multivan Merida Biking Team, and also sponsors cycling competitions and mountain races.

More information about MERIDA bikes: http://www.merida-bikes.com

Merida bicycle catalogue: