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Thule - exceptional quality, functional bike racks from Sweden. Thule has been around since 1942, when it was founded by the Thulin family. Since then, the company has been only growing. In 1962, Thule decided to specialize in bike racks and roof racks and introduced the first models. Over time, Thule took over several other companies, became an international company and significantly expanded its range of products. At the moment, it is probably the most famous brand in the world of active sports. And this was determined by the manufacturer’s approach to the product and the customer. Every new Thule model is thoroughly tested to meet high safety requirements. Only high-quality materials are used and innovations are applied so that you can safely transport your bicycles or other equipment of active sports. Thule adheres to the idea that a person should be active, regardless of where he or she lives - in the city or in the countryside. Wherever you travel, whatever you take with you - with Thule you will make of your active leisure time the most.

More information about Thule bike racks: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us



Thule range: https://www.bikko.lt/thule-dviraciu-laiikkiali