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UVEX is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality cycling helmets and goggles. The company founded in Germany, which has been operating for almost a century, uses only the best materials and applies the latest technologies in its products. Helmets and goggles are characterized by high safety, excellent design, and functionality. All glasses have UV protection, some models have polarisation or photochromic properties. Each helmet or goggles is carefully tested in the laboratory, therefore it meets the strictest international safety requirements. These tests provide an opportunity to improve and develop new UVEX helmets.

There are needs, there are standards, and there is UVEX.

We not only meet the highest needs, expectations, and standards.

We exceed them.

More information about UVEX helmets and goggles: https://www.uvex-sports.com/en/

UVEX range: https://www.bikko.lt/uvex-dviratininku-salmai-ir-akiniai