Klossit Shimano SPD SM-SH56

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Small details make a big difference—especially when it comes to mountain biking. Worn out cleats can lead to poor pedal function including premature or stubborn release. But swap on a new set of Shimano SM-SH56 Cleats and you know they’re purpose built to work seamlessly with nearly all Shimano SPD Pedals, delivering long lasting performance thanks to their heat treated forged steel construction that will stand up to even the harshest riding conditions. Whether you’re new to clipless pedals or have a limited range of knee mobility, Shimano’s SM-SH56 SPD Multi-Release Cleat is a great choice. Featuring a 13-degree clip-out angle and multi-release functionality that allows you to clip out of your pedals by twisting your foot in either direction or by lifting and twisting your heel, these cleats make it easy to quickly get out of your pedals when the need arises.

Reliable and Durable 2-Bolt Cleat

Multi-way release

Go-to choice for beginner mountain bikers, indoor cyclists, and anyone looking for a durable and reliable 2-bolt cleat.

Customizable: Engineered specifically to work with nearly all Shimano SPD pedals, which allow you to micro-adjust the spring force required to clip in and out of your pedals

Secure Engagement: Deliver 4 degrees of float, which assures just the right amount of movement while also providing a secure connection to your bike

Ease of Disengagement: Feature a 13-degree clip-out angle, allowing you to quickly get out of your pedals when the need arises

Built to Last: Made from heat treated forged steel that delivers durable long lasting performance even under the most severe riding conditions

Pair (for one set of pedals)

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Klossit Shimano SPD SM-SH56
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Klossit Shimano SPD SM-SH56

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