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  • How to choose an electric bicycle?

    Electric bicycles, which have been popular abroad for some time, rapidly making their way on the Lithuanian market as well.These vehicles are extremely valuable for individuals who have weak [...]

  • The most frequently replaced bicycle parts

    When you have the same bicycle for a long time, no matter how well you take care of it, sometimes a part needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one. Some parts even have usage [...]

  • When should you buy a new bicycle?

    A new bicycle may be needed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the old one has already worn out, important parts (for example, the frame) have broken, and it cannot be repaired. However, there [...]

  • How to choose bicycle lubricants?

    Even a bicycle that has been used for several years retains its original appearance and runs smoothly if the appropriate lubricants are selected. It often surprises the beginner cyclist that it [...]

  • How to choose mudguards?

    Every cyclist, especially off-road, wants to minimize the amount of mud generated. As a result, some bicycles are already fitted with mudguards. For those who don't have them and often find [...]

  • How to choose a helmet?

    In Lithuania, helmets must be worn by persons under the age of 18 when cycling on the streets. A helmet is recommended for all other cyclists. Helmets are especially recommended for those who [...]

  • How to choose the best mountain bicycle shoes?

    Although quite a few cyclists choose to travel without special clothing, it is worth considering the purchase of certain pieces. If you are looking at cycling professionally or want to improve [...]

  • We are buying a child's seat for the bicycle

    When summer comes, cycling parents want to take their little ones with them. Older children can join their parents on their bicycles, while the youngest can sit behind or in a child seat in the [...]

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